At MTS we cover all aspects of tree surgery.

All of our work is fully insured and full customer satisfaction is our main goal. 

Please see below a summary of the main Tree Services we provide


We do complete removal of a tree down to ground level helping to provide access and sunlight.

Stump grinding

removal of tree stump at or near ground level and provides access for future construction.

Storm damage

urgent rectification to trees - prevents further personnel and property damage.

Crown raising

removal of lower branches to increase ground clearance and provides better access.

Crown reduction

trimming the tree in such a way that its overall size and shape reduces which provides increased sunlight to the surrounding area.

Crown thinning

removal of certain branches within the overall structure of the tree and provides increased sunlight as well as keeping the tree balanced.


removing a substantial amount of the tree crown and then regularly pruning at set intervals and provides long lasting access or sunlight without removing the tree completely. This is not a recommended approach to tree care.


 and removing small amount of the tree crown and provides a more balanced tree appearance and prevents branches from obstructing property.


small and large scale tree planting service.